Arocco saffron Export in different packages to South Korea

Arocco saffron Export in different packages to South Korea

Arocco Saffron Packaging Company started business.
This product exported to various countries such as South Korea, by Matin Co.
Matin Co. Export Saffron in different packages to South Korea
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Arocco Saffron is one of the best Iranian saffron. it sold in iran and also in different countries.
One of the important goals that the managers of this company are pursuing is to provide the best quality and customer satisfaction.

Are you familiar with Iranian saffron?

Iranian saffron is a familiar name in countries where saffron used in cooking.
This valuable product has many benefits and properties, and considering that Iranian saffron has the highest world quality, it can expected that its properties will be more.
Iranian saffron can used for better aroma, taste and color of food.
If you have never used saffron, just try it once and you will be eager to buy it.

How to order high quality saffron with custom packaging?

for buy the best iranian safforn, You can easily contact our consultants.
Because our company respects your tastes and interests.

You can leave the following to us.

  • Design and printing of all kinds of paper bags and packaging boxes
  • Implement your ideas in the saffron packaging industry
  • Design and production of various types of packaging boxes, velvet boxes, wooden boxes and …

To which countries is Arocco saffron exported?

Some of the countries where saffron is one of its imported products are as follows.

  • Spain, the largest importer of Pushal saffron
  • China is the largest importer of Negin saffron
  • South Korea, Turkey, Iraq, UAE, Oman, Qatar, etc. are major buyers of Iran

In general, Arocco saffron is exported to all countries that are licensed to import saffron.

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