Nowadays, the export Iranian packaged saffron is expanding.
All types of original Iranian packaged saffron are exported to different European countries.
Different countries are looking to purchase and import Iranian packaged saffron.
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Saffron is a plant product that has converts a large industry in these days due to its great value and global attention.

As saffron exports in general are increasing day by day, Exports of packaged saffron are also growing up.
In this article, we will introduce you to saffron, its types, export and purchase in different parts of the world.

5 tools that we can recognize the original saffron

Main point about saffron recognizes the original saffron with high qualifies.

The first tool for recognizing saffron is paying attention to saffron filaments and stigmas.
When we look at the outer part of the saffron filaments, the wider and larger it becomes.

This can be a distinguishing factor from counterfeit filaments.

The second tool is to pay attention to the color of saffron.
The color of saffron is a special golden yellow.
Saffron filaments do not dissolve in water in the beginning and it takes time to dye.

The third tool is to pay attention to the taste of saffron.
If you put the saffron filament on your tongue and let it soak, you will feel its special bitter taste.

The fourth tool is to pay attention to the aroma of saffron.
The aroma of saffron is spicy.

Fifth tool that is most important, the provider and seller of the product.
If the seller of the product is confident and expert, that can make the best quality to the customers.

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Types of original Iranian saffron for export

Now that you recognize/identify the original Iranian saffron and you are looking to buy and import it to your own country, it is better to get acquainted with its types.

Negin saffron
(luxury Negin, first grade Negin, second grade Negin)

Poushal saffron
(first grade poushal, second grade poushal)

Bunch saffron

Each type of saffron has its own customers and it is useable for export.

All 4 types of saffron are original and their difference is in appearance/look as well as the amount of color.

The amount of color is all in accordance with international standards.

Export of high quality packaged saffron to Europe.

Iran has first ranks in saffron production and breeding in all around the world.

More than 80% of the world’s saffron can be observed in Iranian saffron products.
Although, other countries are also involved in saffron cultivation, But Iranian saffron is better than other countries both in terms of harvest and quality.
As a result, you can choose and buy very good variety and quality in Iranian products.

Matin Trading Group is proud to send Iranian packaged saffron to 5 continents in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

All accomplishments related to the export of saffron and its spices, including supply, customs of Iran, shipping and export, are performed by the technical team of our company and the product will be delivered at the destination customs.

If you want to prepare and buy the best saffron and distribute it in your country, just contact us.

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