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Export Saffron Packaging Containers is increasing these days alongside the export of saffron. Packaging containers of saffron produced in Mashhad, in different types such as crystal, Khatam have a large volume of domestic and foreign sales.

To export containers of saffron packaging from iran, you can contact with our colleagues.

Saffron is one of the most valuable products in Iran, which is the first word in terms of quality in the world.

With regard to major exports and packaging in different countries, the need to use packaging containers also increases.

As a result the export of saffron dishes today has a high volume, and in the future it will go up.

Consequently, the export of a variety of saffron dishes today is large and will increase in the future.

Types of saffron containers for packaging and exporting:

  • Saffron stand crystal packaging containers
  • Saffron thin crystal packaging containers
  • Saffron Khatam packaging containers

thin crystal

stand crystal

Khatam packaging

Saffron Crystal Packaging containers

Crystal saffron containers are made of polyethylene and are available in various designs and sizes.

These containers are most commonly used for half-grams, one gram, half a mesqâl, one mesqâl, and two mesqâl.

(mesqâl: 4.6 gr : Unit of small weight common in Persia, Greece, Arab countries, and elsewhere from time immemorial to the present day and used for weighing gold and gold coins, silver and silver coins, saffron, and certain herbs and spices)

Crystal containers, due to the transparency, offer a beautiful design of the package.

As a result, it can be a good option for export, given its elegance.

The benefits of this type of containers are summarized as follows.

  • Body Transparency
  • Maintaining the appearance and coherence of the strings
  • Use for coarse saffron
  • Avoid air penetration and contact with saffron
  • Avoid penetration of moisture and contact with saffron
  • Suitable containers for exclusive printing

Export Saffron Packaging containers of Mashhad-Iran

Customers living in different countries can make the best Saffron containers from our company.

You can view our products and choose the type you want.

Our products are the best products on the world market.

It should be noted that all shipping and export tasks are carried out by our colleagues.

Matin Trading Co. is ready to cooperate with all saffron packaging companies around the world.


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