Use the best Iranian saffron in exporting saffron to England.
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Saffron is a completely Iranian product that has many uses.

A very good spice, which has a great impact on the aroma, taste and color of food.

This product is known in many countries of the world, in a way that different countries import Iranian saffron.

If you are looking to import Saffron to your country, continue reading.

The best Iranian saffron for export

The types of saffron that can be bought in the market are as follows.

One of the best available types is Negin saffron.

After this product, Sargol saffron has a high quality and gives slightly less color than Negin Saffron.

Pushal saffron is a best-selling product that has less pigmentation than Sargol and larger strands.

Along with these three types of saffron, the most beautiful Saffron is Dokhtar-Pich saffron (local name).

These 4 types of saffron are among the best Iranian Saffron that are used for export.

Iran-the largest exporter of saffron in the world

Different countries are engaged in saffron cultivation, but more than 85% of the world’s saffron is produced and packaged in Iran, and for this reason, it is the largest exporter of saffron in the world.

you may say that other countries such as Afghanistan, Spain, etc. are cultivating saffron.

But if you are looking to buy saffron, the quality of the product is definitely very important to you.

We need to say that Iranian saffron has the best quality. It is the most ideal in terms of metal and microbial contamination.

Saffron Export to England in different types

Britain is one of the countries importing Iranian saffron.

Many customers in the UK want to buy saffron such as Negin and Sargol.

If you are looking to import saffron to the UK, choose Matin Co. as your supplier.

In general, buying products from other countries is very difficult for various reasons.

Such as finding a reputable supplier and buying a quality product

Obtain the necessary permits for export from the customs


But we are here to assure you that we will do it all  in Iran to export saffron to Britain.

We will pack the best saffron in high quality boxes.

In addition, we will provide our services and do all the work related to sending saffron.

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