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Saffron is a wonderful and beautiful product that many people use as a spice and condiment.

This product is known in the world and many merchants from different countries are looking to trade and buy it in order to sell it in their own market.

We try to provide you with enough information so that you have an easier choice and a better purchase.

Amazing properties of saffron for skin and hair

Many people do not know the benefits of saffron!
Saffron has many medical properties and benefits.
One of which is its amazing effect on skin and hair.
Shiny skin using a combination of milk and saffron
Eliminate dry skin using a combination of lemon and saffron
Treatment and removal of pimples
Strengthens the hair follicles, which leads to the strength of the hair.
The properties and applications of saffron are much more than mentioned.

Why should we start saffron trade?

Saffron can be introduced as a strategic product. A product that can attract the attention of all traders and merchants in the world.
If we want to divide the countries in terms of saffron consumption, we can say
In some countries, such as Spain, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, etc., saffron is well known. As a result, there is a100% the market for this product. So it can be a good option for trade in these countries.
In addition to these areas, there are other countries where saffron has recently entered their food products and traders can have a significant share in the sale of this product through various marketing methods.

Finally, people in some countries still do not know saffron.
Our suggestion to traders in these areas is to increase their risk-taking power and take the first step to trade saffron in their country. Because they can gain a large share of the market with a little activity.

Everything about Import Iranian saffron

One of the points that should be considered in the export of saffron imports is the price and quality of the product.
If you are looking to import saffron from Iran and you are looking to estimate the price of the products that you receive, you should also consider other side costs.
One of the most important costs of exporting and importing any product is the customs costs of origin and destination as well as shipping costs.

In order to be able to estimate Iranian customs costs as well as shipping costs, we need to have accurate information about your order.
Net weight of products ordered.
The gross weight of the products as well as the total volume of the cargo is determined by your order and the packaging we do.
In addition to the above, the method of transportation is also important.
Saffron is usually exported by air.
It should be noted that all products exported by Matin Co have the necessary licenses to export from Iran and import in any country.

Matin Co. Saffron is the best for export Iranian Saffron

Matin Co. saffron is one of the best Iranian products for export to different countries.
Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world. Saffron grown in Iran has the best quality among all saffron in the world.
For this reason, traders in many countries want to buy it.

One of the concerns of every buyer is to find a reliable and good supplier. Especially if he wants to import that product from another country.
Do not worry at all about importing Iranian saffron to your country.
Leave all matters related to supply, packaging, Iranian customs and cargo export to us.

Matin Co. has many experts in various fields who pursue a single goal.
Producing saffron products with the highest quality
Selling ​​products at the lowest global prices
Providing the best service for your convenience

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