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Saffron is one of the products which has a lot of financial value and has its own customers in domestic and foreign markets.
Many companies are active in the field of saffron packaging and this precious product is packaged in low weight packages such as one gram, half a gram, 4.6 grams and…
In this article, we try to introduce you to saffron as well as one of the reputable saffron companies.

Types of high quality saffron and its unique characteristics

Saffron, which is called fragrant red threads that are separated from the heart of its purple flowers, can be seen in different types in the market.

Types of high quality saffron are:

If we want to express a unique feature for each type, we can say:

Negin saffron has large red filaments with the highest color quality.

Sargol Saffron, these are delicate red filaments that includes broken ones.

Pushal saffron, bulky and skein saffron, strings connected together

Saffron bouquet, looks as beautiful as a bouquet

Each of the mentioned products has its own unique efficiency and sales.
So that Negin saffron is mostly used for export orders and Sargol saffron is used for packaging orders.

Negin Chin Saffron Packing Company

As mentioned, various companies are active in the field of saffron packaging.
One of the reputable companies in the saffron packaging industry is Negin Chin Saffron Company.
The saffron used in this company is selected from the best in the Iranian market. So that one of the basic principles of this collection’s managers is to provide the best quality to customers around the world.
Negin Chin saffron products, including:
Sargol saffron pack packaging
Negin saffron Azin packaging
Negin saffron Khatam packaging
Different gift boxes
And …

Sale of Negin Chin saffron and export in the world market

Matin co. which sells and exports the best saffron, In cooperation with Negin Chin Saffron, it intends to export the best saffron packaging products to the world at the most appropriate prices and services.
For export to different countries, Negin Chin Saffron is sold with the best quality in Negin, Sargol and Pushal saffron with good discounts.
Among the countries that have a high demand for Iranian saffron, the following countries can be mentioned
Therefore, if you want to buy any variety of products of this company, you can contact the company’s partner sales department.

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