Negin Chin saffron Sale in Azin packaging

Negin Chin saffron Sale in Azin packaging

Matin Co, by providing best services, sells Negin Chin saffron.
A variety of products are offered in different packages, including Azin polycrystalline containers at the best prices.
Are you familiar with the products of Negin China Saffron Company?
Do you know which type of saffron is suitable for your purchase?
Benefits and harms of saffron consumption

Iranians all over the world know saffron and always use it.

Saffron is not only used to decorate drinks and food, but also the most important reason for using saffron is its properties and benefits.

In addition to the pleasant aroma, pleasant taste and beautiful color that it gives to all kinds of foods, it also has many medicinal properties. consuming it in a normal amount can cure many diseases.

Saffron is a tonic spice. In ancient times, when technology was not advanced and people were physically active, the need for nutritious food was strongly felt.

Saffron was also very useful in this matter. This product strengthens physical strength and relieves all kinds of pain.

Today, medical science not only confirms the healing properties of saffron, but also has increased research on this product so that it can be used in the manufacture of many medicines.

Sale of Negin Chin saffron in the Iranian market

Now that you are familiar with this very valuable and useful product, we will introduce one of the reputable companies in the field of saffron packaging.

Saffron cultivation in Iran is done in large volumes and many companies are active in selling it.

Among the quality products that are sold in Matin Co. are:

  • Mostafavi saffron products
  • And…

Negin Chin Saffron Company sells its products in various packages such as pockets, crystals and Khatam (metal packaging)

Saffron Export in Azin packaging

Matin Co. is not active only in the domestic market of Iran but also exports its products to different countries.

Export of Iranian saffron is done in different types and volumes.

One of the packages that sells well in the global market is Azin packaging.

In this type of packaging, saffron is placed inside polycrystalline containers and finally packed in a suitable paper box.

Matin Co. will Granting Delegation to sell Negin Chin and Arocco saffron in different countries

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